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2004 Softball Season Recap

A transitional season for WNTN Softball included the integration of several new, young players and with that came inconsistencies inherent in a 20 man roster looking for day to day leaders and stars. Once again, the McAdam Painting team ended a hopeful summer by shutting down the NTN offense and putting up 38 runs in the last two games.

Six new faces (Matt Arkin, Dustin MacPherson, Rob LaRoche, Matt Stein, Kevin Quinn & Steve Oaks) joined up to add depth and quality to a team which had been hurt in recent years by players unable to attend every game. While the newcomers instilled energy, a look at the stat sheet illustrates why there would be no championship in 2004. The WNTN Softball team allowed too many runs and hit well below expectations.

Of players who appeared in at least half the games, John Toyias was the hitting star with 3 homers, 29 RBI and a .516 average. Josh Horwitz had 31 hits, scored 22 runs and batted .543. But the team batting average was only .462 and eight who saw a lot of action batted under .500.

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