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The history of the WNTN Softball All*Stars can be traced to the late 1970's when it was a pick-up team of mostly station employees, playing up to 30 games a season against other local media outlets and area groups and organizations like the Newton Police & Fire Departments.

In 1983, WNTN became a founding member of the Newton Independent Softball League which played at the Fessenden School. After fielding many competitive teams, the All*Stars finally won a championship in 1992, winning all five post-season games. The league disbanded after that season, unable to renew its field rental agreement with Fessenden.

The team went co-ed in 1993 for three seasons in the Needham Industrial Softball League, winning the title in 1994. The following season, WNTN joined the Needham Community Softball League, a men's league playing at Claxton Field. The team continues to be part of that league, having won the 2002 championship 3 games to 1 over Micks.

The 1992 club featured C Tim Burton & Rick Barsam, 1B Paul Scharf, 2B Mike Hluska, SS Ron Hobby, 3B Drew Hall, LF Pete Smith, LC Ted Argentieri, RC Greg Kassabian, RF Rob Rudnick and P Ron Burnett. 1997 was lead by C Keith Garland & Rick Barsam, 1B Mike McLean, 2B Greg Kassabian, SS Mike Hluska, 3B Ron Hobby, LF Pete Smith, LC Ted Argentieri, RC Darren Roy, RF George Langdon & Rob Rudnick and P Ron Burnett & Dave Higgins.

The lineup of the 2002 champs had a deep roster of 18 contributors. The home run leader was John Toyias with 7. Stu Kaplan was the RBI leader with 38, Nine players batted over .500 (Mike McLean .593, Eddie Murray .574, Dan Mikesh .564, Josh Horwitz .550, Rob Rudnick .538, Ted Argentieri .535, Keith Garland .522, David Higgins .513 and Rob Braunstein .509).

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